Statement of Work

In addition to ground-level IT staffing, CoSourcing Partners also provides more strategic, higher-level workforce planning by utilizing a Statement of Work. This comprehensive problem-solving approach to staffing provides added flexibility for our clients and grants them the ability to stay within their necessary budgets and timeframes. Those looking to fill numerous roles over a longer or repeating time frame, organizations that exceed hiring budgets, and companies that regularly experience vacancies can benefit from our SOW offering.

A Simple Solution

Communicating in a straightforward manner is what keeps client expectations clear and, ultimately, fulfilled. It’s simple: You tell us what your staffing needs are, and we agree to a hard deadline and cost in order to fill your roles. This direct agreement leaves no room for confusion or inflation, and results in the added efficiency and productivity of a consistently fully-staffed and expert workforce. Unsure exactly what your staffing needs are? No problem. Our experienced consultants will review your business and provide a targeted plan of action.